Trail Life Registration

Once you have reviewed the program and want to join - send an email to  We will send you an email registration link through our registration software TroopTrack or registration can be done in person during one of our meetings.

It is NEVER too late to join!  

Registration fees are done in two parts:

1.  First, when you register through TroopTrack (email link we send) Trail Life will collect $26.00 at the time of registration, and then annually to renew membership with Trail Life USA.  This $26.00 includes insurance
      coverage through Trail Life USA while your child is participating in a troop activity.

2.  Second, local annual dues are currently $35.00 (Paid in cash or check at any of our Trail Life meetings.) 

     Scholarships maybe available (please see our Troopmaster, Mark Clay for details)

     Dues are to be used for:  awards; fun events like the kick off, wood car derby, Christmas party, end of year bash; camping gear (patrol boxes, cooking supplies, trailer); pre-registration for camping sites; 
     scholarships; planning for existing equipment replacement…..

3.  We also will need you to complete medical forms and a copy of your health insurance card, as part of your child's registration with our troop.  Include in this any food allergies!

Walk Worthy!